This refreshing IPA is packed with incredible grapefruit flavor and aroma. Literally! There is over 5 pounds of grapefruit purée in every keg of this crisp, citrusy India Pale Ale. However, it's light body and dry finish allows you to enjoy glass after glass without overpowering your taste buds. The best part is this tasty session will last all Summer long!

Bright orange color. Hazy body. 6 SRM

4.5% ABV     •    45 IBU    •

Availability: Extended Release

On Draught

Malt Varieties

Pilsner, Munich

Hop Varieties

Mandarina, Experimental hop 7270

Special Ingredients

Grapefruit puree

Yeast Strain

American ale

Session beers get their name from WWII when shipyard workers were only allowed to drink during a few hours of the day or ‘sessions.’ Brewers started making lower ABV beers so that you the workers could drink more in their session and then get back to work!
— Brewers' Corner


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