In addition to the Gold Medal Kölsch, White Street Brewing Co. will be crafting 5 additional authentic German-style beers specifically for the Oktoberfest.


White Street’s Gold Award winning Kölsch is going to lay the foundation of the authentic German line-up of beers. Originating in Cologne, the Kölsch is a light, crisp, and very clean ale.



The hometown beer of Cologne’s sister city Düsseldorf, the Altbier is nutty, toasted, and crisp. This slightly bitter German ale seems like it’s perfectly suited to Autumn weather but the brewers in Düsseldorf would argue that you should drink it all year long.



This amber lager has become almost synonymous with Oktoberfest - so much so that it is often named after the festival. The beer possesses a smooth caramel flavor and a lightly fruity finish. Märzen means March, the month that this beer is generally brewed in. The long, slow fermentation of the lager yeast results in an extremely approachable brew.


The perfect German beer to pair with Fall days and giant pretzels. These traditional lagers generally have a very smooth body with a lighter flavor profile with a Noble hop aroma.



German for “Black Beer,” this dark brew is actually deceptively light-bodied. A slight roasted barley flavor dominates most of this traditional Bavarian brew with hints of coffee and chocolate on the end. The low percentage of alcohol allows you to enjoy the rich flavor all day long.


Berliner weiss

Tart, citrusy, and bright! This German kettle soured ale has been a Bier Garten favorite for generations. The perfect beer to wash down some bratwurst and sauerkraut (of which there will be plenty!).