Just as many things to see and do as there are to eat and drink.

oktoberfest gingerbread hearts.jpg

The tapping of the firkin at 12:00pm:

Signifies the start of the Oktoberfest. Bets are traditionally taken on how many swings it will take to tap the cask!

Live music throughout the day on the main stage:

You can’t help but dance to the beat of the polka and oompah tunes in the air.

There is plenty of dancing to be had in the town square in front of the stage:

Don’t hold back. Twirl and let those braids fly!

You have to have the chicken dance:

An Oktoberfest staple and one of the greatest traditions.

The stein hoisting competition:

The true test of whether you can hold your beer-1 liter to be exact! The rules are simple: last one holding their glass wins.

Costume contest:

Come in your finest lederhosen and dirndl, the best-dressed male/female get named Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese for the day.

Gingerbread heart necklaces:

Get them customized to remember the day, unless you eat it immediately, of course.

The pretzel toss:

Couples show off their doughy accuracy by tossing a soft pretzel onto their partner’s small dowel. 

Barrel rolling contest:

Can you roll an oak barrel down the road and back the fastest? Harder than it sounds…

Holey Boards:

It’s like a cross between corn hole and washers.  Simple, frustrating, and addictive!

 Oktoberfest @ Puyallup Fair Grounds