A Dopplestickle (double altbier) originated when a brewer of Altbier wanted something more potent for himself and his town so he doubled the malts of his Alt recipe in secret. “Sticke” can either mean secret or gossip, Word of the double altbier got around town, but the brew wasn’t easily found. Not to worry- this isn’t some rumor- we’ve made enough for everyone. Enjoy the malty notes and smooth freshness of this German classic.

Ruby Brown color. 25 SRM

7.8% ABV     •    40 IBU    •

Availability: Limited

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Yeast Strain

Vienna Lager

We figured there was no other beer that better represented our love of classic styles and traditional brewing techniques. It’ll transport you from our taproom to a beer garden in Munich!
— Brewers' Corner

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