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White Street Oktoberfest


White Street Oktoberfest

October 6th, 2018

12:00pm-5:00pm • Downtown Wake Forest

A Free Festival for Everyone!

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Why an Oktoberfest in downtown Wake Forest?

It’s fun! This Bavarian festival enjoys a reputation as an engaging, energetic community event. It’s the perfect authentic experience for our historic downtown.

Why an Oktoberfest in downtown Wake Forest?

It’s fun! This Bavarian festival enjoys a reputation as an engaging, energetic community event. It’s the perfect authentic experience for our historic downtown.

What started as a small town festival grew to become the world’s largest celebration of tradition and community.

Originating in 1810, the first Oktoberfest was a wedding reception for Bavaria’s Crown Prince and Princess. Against tradition, the couple invited Munich’s common people to the festivities and forty thousand people showed up for the celebration. Imagine trying to fit that crowd on White Street!

An authentic Oktoberfest celebration in the heart of the Arts & Entertainment district of downtown provides entertainment, a unique cultural experience and a celebration of values honoring tradition and small town community.

Continuing the high standards for festivals set by the Friday Night on White concert series, White Street Brewing Company promises a quality event, responsibly run that provides the family-friendly atmosphere expected by the leaders and citizens of Wake Forest. 


Authentic Bier.

Authentic Bier.

In addition to the Gold Medal Kölsch, White Street Brewing Co. will be crafting 5 additional authentic German-style beers specifically for the Oktoberfest.


White Street’s Gold Award winning Kölsch is going to lay the foundation of the authentic German line-up of beers. Originating in Cologne, the Kölsch is a light, crisp, and very clean ale.



The hometown beer of Cologne’s sister city Düsseldorf, the Altbier is nutty, toasted, and crisp. This slightly bitter German ale seems like it’s perfectly suited to Autumn weather but the brewers in Düsseldorf would argue that you should drink it all year long.



This amber lager has become almost synonymous with Oktoberfest - so much so that it is often named after the festival. The beer possesses a smooth caramel flavor and a lightly fruity finish. Märzen means March, the month that this beer is generally brewed in. The long, slow fermentation of the lager yeast results in an extremely approachable brew.


The perfect German beer to pair with Fall days and giant pretzels. These traditional lagers generally have a very smooth body with a lighter flavor profile with a Noble hop aroma.



German for “Black Beer,” this dark brew is actually deceptively light-bodied. A slight roasted barley flavor dominates most of this traditional Bavarian brew with hints of coffee and chocolate on the end. The low percentage of alcohol allows you to enjoy the rich flavor all day long.


Berliner weiss

Tart, citrusy, and bright! This German kettle soured ale has been a Bier Garten favorite for generations. The perfect beer to wash down some bratwurst and sauerkraut (of which there will be plenty!).

Know Before You Go

  • Beer is available for purchase. Age identification will be checked for beer.

  • All transactions for beer are with White Street Brewing Co. tokens. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE BEER TRUCKS.

    Beer Tokens

  • Tokens are $5 each - including tax

  • One token = One pint of beer  

  • Tokens may be purchased with cash or credit card at one of three points of sale tents during the event.

  • Tokens may also be purchased anytime during normal business hours inside White Street Brewing Co. 

  • Tokens may be redeemed during any Friday Night on White event, during normal business hours inside the White Street Brewing Co. tap room, and during the White Street Oktoberfest and White Street BBQ Experience.

  • Beer will be served  at the following locations:

    • White Street Brewing Co. beer truck located in the Owen Avenue extension - in between B&W Hardware and Pizza Amore

    • White Street Brewing Co. beer truck located at the intersection of Owen Avenue and Brooks Street.

    • White Street Brewing Co. beer truck located at the intersection of South White Street and East Jones Avenue

    • Anytime inside White Street Brewing Co., 218 S. White St.

      Three points of sale tents 

      • The tents are situated at each end of South White Street (behind the stage), near the intersection of Owen Avenue/Brooks Street, and on South White Street near Shorty's.

  • PLEASE NOTE: During the White Street Oktoberfest White Street Brewing Co. is the only approved outdoor vendor for beer. Therefore, all beer consumed outdoors within the festival area must be dispensed by White Street Brewing Co., in the approved container which bears the event logo. Hand crafted sodas are available for purchase with tickets at the Rüt Bier Garten located in the Fidelity Bank Lot.

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Authentic Food.

Authentic Food.

At a true Oktoberfest, the food is as important as the beer and lederhosen!

Along with great beers, authentic German cuisine is one of the cornerstones of any great Oktoberfest.  White Street Oktoberfest will fill festivalgoers’ senses with German culinary delights. We are celebrating Germany's most iconic fest food inside the Brat Garten with Kölsch braised bratwurst. Bavarian pretzels will be available throughout the entire festival area. Ample seating in White Street’s Bier Hall will allow families and friends a place to sit, relax and enjoy all of the authentic beers and food choices available. And be sure to visit the Rüt Bier Garten for hand crafted Rüt Bier and Black Cherry sodas, you can even turn them into a float with Lumpy’s ice cream.

Know Before You Go

  • The Brat Fest Tent and Rüt Bier Garten are located in the Fidelity Bank Parking Lot.

  • All transactions for Brats, Pretzels, Sodas, and Floats are with White Street Brewing Co. tickets. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE FOOD TENTS.

Food Tickets

  • Tickets are $2.50 each - including tax

  • A pretzel or soda may be purchased with one ticket.

  • A bratwurst or float may be purchased with two tickets.

  • Ttickets may be purchased with cash or credit card at one of three points of sale tents during the event.

  • Pretzels are available inside the Brat Fest Tent and will also be served from roaming vendors throughout the Festival Area.

  • The Rüt Bier Garten will serve hand crafted Rüt Bier and Black Cherry sodas and floats with two identical lines for faster service.

Three points of sale tents 

  • The tents are situated at each end of South White Street (behind the stage), near the intersection of Owen Avenue/Brooks Street, and on South White Street near Shorty's.

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Authentic Fun.

Authentic Fun.

Just as many things to see and do as there are to eat and drink.

There is music, dancing, contests, and games across all areas of the festival.

Das Entertainment Stage


The tapping of the firkin at 12:00pm:

Signifies the start of the Oktoberfest. Bets are traditionally taken on how many swings it will take to tap the cask!

Live music from Lagerhosen

Prost y’all! Meet Lagerhosen, Asheville’s own party polka band. Featuring a collective of local musicians fronted by accordionist Steve Burnside, this WNC based group will perform for the 2018 White Street Oktoberfest. With natural Bavarian influence, the 5-piece Munich style band, will perform for the second annual Wake Forest street party. Lagerhosen (literally translated as “beerpants”) will play Oktoberfest polkas’, waltzes and drinking songs from 12noon-3p. Fans and audience members are encouraged to dress up in their favorite traditional Lederhosen costumes. For crafty mountain locals who want to look the part , a “Lester-hosen” design is simply shorts, a white shirt, suspenders and hiking boots, topped with a fedora or hat of choice.

Lagerhosen, also features Lois ‘Polka-hontis’ Jolly on trombone & vocals, Johanna Domka on trumpet, Anthony Dorian on sousaphone and Landon George on drums.. Conceived in 2013, the group has performed at several area clubs and events, notably twice at the Downtown Asheville 2015 & 2017 Octoberfest celebration. Lagerhosen will also appear, among other events this year, for the third time at Sierra Nevada Brewery-Asheville’s massive “Big Tent” Octoberfest. The group looks forward to a fun seasonal frolic and will encourage “beer cheers” from the crowd through-out the event. Eins, Zwei, g’Suffa!


There is plenty of dancing to be had in the town square in front of the stage:

Don’t hold back. Twirl and let those braids fly!


Also on the Main Stage

1:00 Stein Hoist Contest

The true test of whether you can hold your beer-1 liter to be exact! The rules are simple: last one holding their glass wins. These will happen in front of the main stage every hour, on the hour.

2:00 Stein Hoist Contest

3:00 Stein Hoist Contest

3:30 Yodeling Contest

  • Have you got the pipes that can sing across the valley?

  • Prizes awarded based on tone, volume, and length of yodel. Yes, that’s a thing.

4:00 Stein Hoist Contest

4:15 Authentic Apparel Awards

  • Come in your finest lederhosen and dirndl, the best-dressed male/female get named Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese for the day.

  • Think of something good for the talent portion of the contest!

4:30 Bratwurst Eating Contest

  • Two Teams of Five try to clear their plates the fastest!

  • Sign up with the Fest Games Manager day of to compete.

4:50 Final Stein Hoist Contest


Das Festgrounds

The Festgrounds host games and contests all day on Owen Avenue. Win the contests and walk away with a White Street Oktoberfest Stein!

Contest Schedule


12:30 Tricycle Race:

Three teams of two adults race around the barrels while trying to stay on tricycles meant for not adults. Quite possibly the most hilarious thing you’ll see in 2018.

1:15 Grain Sack Toss

Pretty self explanatory. Show off that brewer brawn and see how far you can toss a sack of barley. You get two back swings before you throw. Oh, and each sack is 55 pounds….

1:30 Okt-Stacle Course

The perfect training course for anyone thinking of one day becoming a Bier Hall server in Munich. Balance a tray of 10 biers while making your way through a gauntlet of balance beams, chair zig-zags, hoop jumping, and a limbo bar. ‘Cause, why not? But be careful because there’s a 5 second penalty for spilled bier, definitely something to cry over.

2:30 Bier Meister Race

The Bavarian Brewers take bier making seriously. Almost as serious as the White Street Brew Crew. You can try your hand at brewing bier too with the Bier Meister Race. Race to be the first to add the four ingredients of bier; barley, hops, water, and yeast. Pretty simple until you see the “safety gear” you’ll be wearing!

3:15 Another round of Tricycle Races

3:30 Okt-Stacle Course

4:30 Final Tricycle Race!

tables and chair.jpg



Where is the Oktoberfest?

The streets of Downtown Wake Forest on South White Street and Owen Avenue - just like Friday Night on White!
Free parking is available along several side streets and parking lots in downtown Wake Forest, including SBTS.

  • However, some parking lots may appear to be public, when in fact they are private. Read all signage in the parking lot to determine what type of lot you are using. Private lots are intended for business patrons only. Public lots that are open to White Street Oktoberfest attendees are clearly marked.

Can I bring lawn chairs and coolers?

No need to bring chairs, there’s plenty of tables and chairs on the Bier Hall area of White Street.

Please leave your coolers and outside alcoholic beverages at home.

Is wine available?

I mean, it is a Bavarian Oktoberfest put on by a brewery… However, if authentic German bier isn’t for you, you can purchase wine inside the White Street Brewing Co. taproom.

Can I bring the kiddos? Or the doggos?

Yes, this is an outdoor festival for everyone! Just remember that the streets will be full of laughter and cheer so please keep an eye on your loved ones.

Can I Volunteer?

Yes, it takes a village to put on a community event like this. If you’d like to lend a hand during the event, we’d love to have you! Simply fill in your contact info and we’ll try to find a place for you. Prost!

Name *
Preferred Role *
*We can't guarantee you'll be placed where you requested but we'll try!

What if it rains?

Why would you even consider that?! The White Street Oktoberfest is rain or shine (either way the bier tastes great). If there is any severe inclement weather, follow our social media channels for the latest news and updates.

Are you accepting vendors?

There are no vending opportunities at the White Street Oktoberfest, the streets are already full of fun and games. Check back with us for the White Street BBQ Experience.

When are the streets closed?

The section of South White Street from Elm to Jones as well as Owen Avenue will close from 6:00am-8:00pm on Saturday