Poolside Pilsner is great for sipping in the sun and enhancing those summertime meals. Add a refreshing zest to your grilled wings with this Sweet and Spicy recipe.

Poolside Wing on Grill-04.png


  • 1 cup Poolside Light Lager

  • 8 large chicken wings

  • 6 tbsp. butter

  • 1 cup Worcestershire Sauce

  • 1 cup hot sauce

  • 1 tbsp. salt (salt to taste)

  • 1 tbsp. grounded black pepper

  • 3 tbsp brown sugar


Mix all ingredients in a bowl and let marinate for 24 hours.

Grill wings at 350 F. for 20 minutes total.

Coat and flip wings every 5 minutes.

Serve with a cold can of Poolside.