A little sweet and spice, swirl in this complex, malty ale. Mahogany in color with a tight tan head, this Scottish ale is easy-drinking enough to claim a six-pack for yourself, but impressive enough to share. Pairs well with barbecue, burgers, and best friends.

Do people say you're sweet and smooth too?

Deep Mahogany color. Clear body. 18 SRM

5.5% ABV     •     18 IBU    •

Availability: Year-Round

On Draught • 12oz Bottle

Malt Varieties

Marris Otter, C-120, Roasted Barley

Hop Varieties


Special Ingredients

Flaked barley for a smooth mouthfeel.

Yeast Strain

Scottish ale

Scottish ales are traditionally under hopped and, as a result, less bitter due to the historic trade embargoes with England that prevented brewers from actually getting any hops.
— Brewers' Corner


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