Any sane person would know not to drink an IPA that clocks in at 180 IBU. What kind of mad man would want to shock his tastebuds with that much Mosaic hop? Who in their right mind would dare to finish a pint of this painful IPA and worse, ask for another? Well, call us crazy because we freaking love it!

If you have to wonder whether you might like it then this IPA is not for you. We call it 180 Megahertz for a very simple reason. It is going to really hurt. Hurt so good.

Sienna Red Color hazy Body. 17 SRM

6.0% ABV     •    180 IBU    •

Availability: Limited

On Draught in the Taproom

Malt Varieties

White Wheat, 2 Row, Flaked Wheat, C60, Rice Hulls

Hop Varieties

A. Lot. Of. Mosaic.

Special Ingredients


Yeast Strain

Chico Ale

We didn’t really know what style to call this IPA. It’s aggressively bitter but no dry hopped so not a West Coast IPA. It has a slight haze to it but definitely not a hazy New England style. So we decided to make up our own style; Wake Forest IPA. Why? Because we can.
— Brewers' Corner