One half of the team, Costello is the twin India Pale Lager of Abbott. Both beers were brewed with the same recipe, same fermentation, but were each dry-hopped with a different single hop variety. 

Costello is dry-hopped with a silly amount of Columbus hops. Aromas come at  you fast that are earthy, orangey, piney; all over the place! And then, wham! A hit of black licorice comes out of nowhere. And, yet, this insanity is enjoyable.

Sip Abbott and Costello side-by-side and see how amazing these partners are together as a team. Who's on first? Well, that's up to which one you sip first?

Straw hazy clear Body. 7 SRM

6.2% ABV     •    45 IBU    •

Availability: Only during FNOW

On Draught in the Taproom

Malt Varieties

Pilsner, Vienna

Hop Varieties

Warrior, Bravo, Cascade

Special Ingredients

Dry-hopped with Columbus

Yeast Strain

Vienna Lager

Abbott and Costello were brewed as part of our mission to educate you on the great flavors found across the wide world of hops. We truly believe they taste better when you drink them together, it helps you to hone in on their unique aromas.
— Brewers' Corner