This fiery little beer was cooked up special for our White Street BBQ Experience. It's a pale ale that contains spices from the brewers' secret rub recipe. And, just as a little bonus, they threw in some red pepper after fermentation to give it the kick that it needed. 

We would describe the flavors but that would give away the secret, and the brew crew would have to kill ya. Just kidding. Or are we...?




We are.

Copper  Red color.  9 SRM

5.4% ABV     •    43 IBU    •

Availability: Limited

On Draught in the Taproom

Malt Varieties

Pale 2 Row, Munich

Hop Varieties

Bravo, Warrior

Special Ingredients


Yeast Strain

Chico Ale

We took the name, “Brewers’ Playground” to heart and played way outside of the normal sandbox here. It really is a lot of fun, and pretty darn tasty too!
— Brewers' Corner