Biere de Gardes are rich French ales that were traditionally fermented and then allowed to mature in the cellars of the castle only to brought out for special occasions. Literally meaning "Castle's hold," Château Attente honors these traditions by being aged for three months before it was finally tapped at our 5th Anniversary Celebration. Rich flavors of candied dark fruits rest on the tongue as aromas of vanilla and brandy effervesce. 

Red Oak Color clear Body. 14 SRM

8.0% ABV     •    30 IBU    •

Availability: Limited

On Draught in the Taproom

Malt Varieties

2 Row, Caramunich,Crystal

Hop Varieties

Bravo, Warrior

Special Ingredients


Yeast Strain

Trappist Ale

We love everything about the Biere de Garde style. It’s classic, decadent, and yet, still approachable.
— Brewers' Corner