Crisp and refreshing, this ale pours clear and gold with a fine, white head. Light and subtle pear and melon aromas extend to the palate. Best enjoyed cold on a patio, in front of the big game, or on your front porch after mowing the lawn.

A Style steeped in tradition

Light straw color. Clear body. 4 SRM

5.2% ABV   •   24 IBU  •

Availability: Year-Round

On Draught • 12oz Bottle • 16oz Can

Malt Varieties

Pilsner, Munich

Hop Varieties

Spalt, Bravo

Special Ingredients

None needed.

Yeast Strain

Kölsch ale

Kölsch-style beers hail from Köln, Germany. It’s actually an ale that is fermented colder like a lager which is what gives the crisp, slightly aromatic finish.
— Brewers' Corner