With an 8.3% ABV and full flavor palate, Bag of Hammers is coming out swinging. This Scotch Ale is, as the Scottish say, a Wee Heavy. Dark cherry and vanilla hints balance a rich toffee finish. Smoked caramel and coffee flavors offer a soothing taste while Bourbon traces add an extra bite.

8.3% ABV     •    28 IBU    •black Oak Color Opaque Body. 23 SRM

Availability: Limited

On Draught in the Taproom

Malt Varieties

Pale, Munich, Carafa 3, C120

Hop Varieties


Special Ingredients

 Aged in Bourbon barrels

Yeast Strain

Scotch/ Wee Heavy Ales are meant to sweep you off your feet. True to authentic Scotch Ales, Bag of Hammers has a pretty high ABV. We wanted to give it a full and rounded palate. Using Bourbon barrels give it that extra kick.
— Brewers' Corner