Getaway from the Everyday

For those in search of a quick escape, White Street offers the light malts and grapefruit flavors this Tropical Session IPA. Discover for yourself the lush oasis of pineapple, mango,and grapefruit aromas in Hopical Island's exotic hop blend.

Bright orange color. Hazy body. 6 SRM

4.5% ABV     •    45 IBU    •

Limited Availability

On Draught

Malt Varieties

Pilsner, Munich

Hop Varieties

Mandarina, Experimental hop 7270

Special Ingredients

Grapefruit puree

Yeast Strain

American ale

Not only do we double dry hop with a blend of tropical aroma hops, we add what comes out to be about 5 pounds of real grapefruit purée into every keg of Hopical Island. This may be a light, refreshing beer but it is packed with flavor.
— Brewers' Corner

We all know that each keg of Hopical Island contains real grapefruit purée but do you know how the grapefruit gets into the keg?


A Getaway from the Everyday means not having to wait until the weekend to escape to your personal Hopical Island.
Getaway from the everyday with all new Hopical Island. Discover for yourself the lush oasis of aromas in this Tropical Session IPA brewed with real grapefruit.
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