Darker than the storm clouds Koschei the Deathless travels within, our Russian Imperial Stout possesses huge, complex character - powerful enough to steal any beautiful woman's soul. But there is hope! You must first release Koschei's soul in order to kill him, which is no easy task. It's hidden in a needle, in an egg, in a duck, in a hare, locked in an iron chest that is buried under a green oak tree on the secret island of Buyan. Beware, once you release Koschei, you may never be to catch him again.

12.8% ABV   •  40 IBU    •     


Availability: Rare

750mL Bottle

Malt Varieties

Marris Otter, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malts, Crystal Malts, Flaked Barley

Hop Varieties

Bravo for bittering

Special Ingredients

Aged in bourbon barrels until perfected.

Yeast Strain

English Ale

This beer is extremely complex with layers of sweetness, chocolate, coffee, dark fruit, smoked malt. It can handle some age so don’t be afraid to stash a few bottles away.
— Brewers' Corner


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