This Milk Stout is full of rich chocolate and coffee flavors swirling within the creamy malt body. The small amount of lactose leaves a sweet finish on the tongue which makes this the perfect beer for those who love stouts and for those who would normally steer clear of dark brews.  

deep chocolate color. opaque body. 31 SRM

5.4% ABV     •     32 IBU    •

Availability: Extended Release

On Draught 

Malt Varieties

Marris Otter, Chocolate Malts, Crystal Malts, Flaked Barley

Hop Varieties


Special Ingredients


Yeast Strain

Scottish ale

Milk Stouts, also known as Sweet Stouts, get their name because lactose sugar is introduced during the boil. The yeast can’t convert those sugars into alcohol so there is a residual sweetness left in the beer that smoothes out the flavor.
— Brewers' Corner

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