This taproom pleaser is everything you would want in a table beer. It's light, dry, refreshing with a lingering fruit aftertaste from the Trappist La Chouffe yeast. A Patersbier ("Father's Beer" in Dutch) is the low alcohol style that the Trappist monks brewed for themselves to enjoy while working and brewing. Rarely is it seen outside of a monastery so enjoy this rare chance to feel like a monk without, you know, all those responsibilities.

Bright Straw color. CLear body. 3 SRM

4.9% ABV  •  25 IBU •

Availability: Limited

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Yeast Strain

La Chouffe ale

Some Trappist monks refer to a Patersbier as an Enkel, or ‘Single.’ They were often made with the last runnings of the mash so they could experience the flavors of the typical high gravity ales that they brewed without having to worry about the effects.
— Brewers' Corner


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