There's a certain point on every road trip. Other cars slowly seem to space themselves away from you, the road feels smoother, straighter too. Your shoulders relax, you start drumming on the steering wheel, ease your foot off the accelerator and switch on the cruise control. 

This pale ale is exactly that moment. The perfect balance of malt and hop allow you to cruise through the day and enjoy the little pleasures. It's pale body has light flavors of honey and subtle floral and tropical aromas that quickly dissipate. If you're looking for an easy-going beer with nothing to distract you, simply hit the cruise and Resume / Coast.

Pale Yellow Color CLear body. 5 SRM

5.5% ABV     •   33 IBu•

Availability: Limited

On Draught in the Taproom

Malt Varieties

Avangard 2 Row

Hop Varieties

Columbus, Citra

Special Ingredients


Yeast Strain

Chico Ale

This is a great example of how balanced beer can be. There’s the perfect symmetry of malts and hops; not overpowering in either direction. We also decided to add Columbus hops for aroma even though it’s normally used just for bittering. It adds just a little spicy, earthy aroma that compliments the tropical aromas of the Citrus hop.
— Brewers' Corner


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