This Rauchbier (smoked amber beer) was brewed with one thing in mind: BBQ. With deep caramel, raisin, and fig flavors the addition of Beechwood smoked malts makes it feel like you're drinking brisket. It's that good!

6.5% ABV     •    51 IBU    •black Oak Color Opaque Body. 29 SRM

Availability: Limited

On Draught in the Taproom

Malt Varieties

Marris Otter, Pale Chocolate, Dark Crystal, Beechwood Smoked Malt

Hop Varieties

Bravo, Warrior

Special Ingredients


Yeast Strain

Chico Ale

Rauchbiers have a wide range of colors and flavors. We definitely went full caramelization to match the flavors of perfectly cooked barbecue.
— Brewers' Corner